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What to wear kayaking

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Underneath your protective gear, it is important to dress appropriately for kayaking. It is essential to wear comfortable and quick-drying clothing that will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Below we have some clothing considerations to keep in mind for kayaking, as well as other equally important considerations.

Clothing Considerations for Kayaking

Consider wearing a synthetic or wool blend long-sleeve shirt and long pants that are both lightweight and breathable. These materials will help keep your body temperature regulated and help prevent chafing in the kayak. Additionally, it is important to wear shoes specifically designed for kayaking. Shoes should provide good grip and traction in wet conditions and have a quick-drying upper material. Wearing the proper footwear will help prevent slips and falls when getting in and out of the kayak. Here in Queensland a hat and 50+ sunscreen are also a must.

Other Key Considerations

In addition to wearing the proper clothing, a kayak loader can help with loading and unloading the kayak from the vehicle. A kayak loader is a device that attaches to the roof of the vehicle and allows the user to safely and securely load and unload a kayak. There are a number of kayak loaders on the market but only one electric kayak loader and that is the Australian made YakHoist kayak loader. Once the kayak is loaded, it should be securely fastened to the roof of the vehicle using approved tie down straps to ensure the safety of the kayaker and those around them.

Here at YakHoist, we are the experts in kayak loading solutions in Queensland and have many customers in towns from Brisbane to Bunderburg using our kayak loader. With dedicated client service, our products are supplied straight from our workshop, so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer–not a salesman. YakHoist manufactures the best kayak loader in Australia, perfect for large fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks and canoes. Call us on 0415 4444 36 or inquire through our website to find out more about our electric kayak loader.

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