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YakHoist Electric Kayak Loader

The best one-person kayak loader on the market
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that sits only 5mm above your roof rack.

  • Fits all vehicles with 2 heavy duty roof racks.

  • Custom option available for flat rack

  • Very easy to fit. Very easy to use.

  • Rated to load up to a 80kg kayak.

  • Removable 12volt electric winch with remote control.

  • Electric winch comes with a 50amp Anderson plug.

  • Made in Australia with 3 year structural warranty.

$1200 + Delivery

Delivery Costs:

NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT – $150

WA, SA, NT, TAS – $220

We supply our YakHoist Kayak Loader direct to our customers so you are dealing with the manufacturer NOT a salesman. The YakHoist Kayak Loader can be freighted direct to your door in all Australian states or you can pick up. We also offer a fitting service at our Queensland workshop (charges apply).

What you need:

Check your vehicle has suitable roof racks fitted:

  • Heavy duty roof racks

  • Maximum roof rack profile width is 80mm.

  • Maximum distance between roof racks 1.5m.

  • Anderson plug fitted to your vehicle.

Please Note:

Total rooftop load should not exceed vehicle and roof rack manufacturers specifications. 

The YakHoist Kayak Loader is not a boat loader and will not load an aluminium boat.

YakHoist Electric Kayak Loader for the Ladies

The YakHoist Kayak Loader is an electric kayak loading system that bolts directly to your existing heavy-duty roof racks, and uses two removable side arms to guide your kayak up onto the vehicle roof. Designed for one-person operation you can load or unload your fishing kayak in less than 5 minutes. There is no physical lifting because our YakHoist side kayak loader uses a 12volt electric winch with remote control to lift and lower your kayak.

The YakHoist Kayak Loader is extremely easy to fit and simply bolts to your existing roof racks. The system adds less than 12kg to your roof load and is rated to load an 80kg kayak. The YakHoist Kayak Loader has been designed so that the average home handyman can fit the loader in under 2 hours.

Our YakHoist Kayak Loader can also be used with our YakHoist Kayak Trolley enabling you to lower your kayak down from your vehicle directly onto the YakHoist trolley and simply roll your kayak to the water with no physical lifting at all.


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