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Summer is On The Way! The Sunshine Coast’s Best Kayaking Spots.

Our Sunshine Coast customers are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful kayaking spots right on their doorsteps. With the warm weather calling, it’s time to load your Kayak using a YakHoist kayak loading system and go explore our beautiful Sunshine Coast waters. Our YakHoist electric kayak loader is a kayaker’s dream come true. No more struggling to lift your kayak onto the vehicle roof after a hard days paddling out on the water. Simply hook the rope onto your kayak and let the electric winch do the loading work for you.

Happy kayaking everybody.

Here are some of YakHoist’s suggestions for the Sunshine Coast’s best kayaking locations:

1. The Noosa River

The Noosa River is known across the world for its spectacular blue waters. This pristine aquatic corridor extends from Lake Cooroibah, another popular location for Fishing, Swimming, Sailing, Wind Surfing and Canoeing. If you are a Caloundra resident looking for a mini escape to the northern Sunshine Coast, we recommend you test out your new YakHoist Kayak loading system by planning a trip to the Noosa River.

2. Pumice Stone Passage

More local to Caloundra, Pumice Stone Passage is a Kayaker’s dream, stretching 3.5kms from Caloundra’s tail end to Deception Bay. This beautiful waterway features an array of marine life and birds, as well as a spectacular view of the glasshouse mountains. There’s plenty of sandbars to stop at, so you can go at your own pace and take in all the sights this adventure has to offer.

3. Cotton Tree

Cotton tree makes one of the best Kayaking spots on the Sunshine Coast due to the nature of its flat water, buzzing atmosphere, and many different options for exploration. With access to the many branches of the Maroochy River, as well as the option of docking at twin waters, you can’t go wrong with a kayaking trip in the Cotton Tree area.

Here at YakHoist, we are the experts in kayak loading solutions. With dedicated client service, our products are supplied straight from our workshop, so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer – not a salesman. YakHoist manufactures the best Kayak Loading Systems in Caloundra. Call us on 0415 444 436 or inquire through our website to find out more about our Caloundra Kayak loading systems.

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