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YakHoist® Electric Kayak Loader

Kayak Loader is an electric kayak loading system that bolts directly to your existing heavy duty roof racks. Designed for one-person operation you can load or unload your fishing kayak in less than 5 minutes.

YakHoist® Kayak Trolley

Designed to make your life easy. Robust aluminium trolley that holds your kayak at hip height for easy transport to the water.

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YakHoist Loading Systems ®  

The YakHoist electric loading system has been designed to take all the hard work out of loading your canoe or kayak on and off your vehicle roof.


The team at YakHoist have over twenty years experience designing and building electric boat loaders for BoatHoist International Pty Ltd, an Australian business icon in the RV and caravan industry. This wealth of industry experience has now been brought bare in the kayaking and canoeing market.

The simple pleasure of getting out on the water in a kayak, gliding peacefully across the turquoise waters with nothing but the soft parting of the water as you dip your paddle into the waterway. Quality time spent time in natures playground with your family and friends. This is why you bought your kayak or canoe.


The problem that faces most of us is getting this large, awkward and slippery watercraft on and off your vehicle roof. Remember the first day you bought your new kayak and the helpful young sales staff lifted it onto your vehicle roof racks, tied it down for you and waved as you drove away. Then you got home, no helpful staff to get it back off the roof, nor are they waiting in the carpark to help you load it back onto to the roof of your RV after a day out paddling on your favourite river. This is the problem most kayakers face, and now YakHoist Loading Systems have the solution.

A simple but robust aluminium electric kayak loader that bolts to your roof racks. Large fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks, kayaks with outriggers, canoes and all types of plastic watercraft can be effortlessly loaded onto your vehicle roof using the YakHoist electric kayak loader. Just connect the winch rope to your kayak, push the button on the remote control and up it goes. No lifting at all.

So how does the YakHoist ® work?  

The YakHoist is an aluminium electric side kayak loader that is designed to bolt to your existing roof racks, (maximum profile size of 82mm and a maximum distance apart of 1.5m) It is a low-profile design that overhangs the roof racks either side by 80mm, and only sits 6mm above your existing roof rack.


The side arms slip into receivers on the YakHoist and have adjustable legs for various vehicle heights up to 2.4m above ground level. The side arms mount to the top of the YakHoist during transport and can be fitted to either side so you can load the kayak from the driver’s side or the passenger side of your vehicle.


We use a removable 12volt electric winch with a rated nylon rope, the winch only weighs 6.5kg so it is very easy to handle. The advantage of a removable winch means it is kept out of the weather and away from temptation when not in use. The winch plugs into your existing 12volt Anderson plug, but also comes with two alligator clips so if you don’t have an Anderson plug on your vehicle you can just connect directly to your car battery. The electric winch comes with an infrared remote control so you are always standing on the correct side of the car while loading your kayak.                                                                                                                    

To load your kayak or canoe simply put the two side arms in place, connect the winch rope to your kayak and push the button on the remote control.

It is that easy.


Please note that the YakHoist is not suitable for fiberglass kayaks or canoes as the side arms may scratch the fiberglass during loading.


If you want effortless loading and transport to and from the water, check out the YakHoist Kayak Trolley. Also rated to carry 80kg, our aluminium kayak trolley has been ergonomically designed for easy pushing and will roll across the roughest terrain with ease. The YakHoist Kakak Trolley is suitable for all kayak’s, canoes and stand up paddle boards. The YakHoist trolley comes apart for easy storage in your car and can be assembled in under 30 seconds with no tools required. 


The YakHoist Electric Kayak Loader, and YakHoist Kayak Trolley are made in Australia, both are rated to carry 80kg, designed for easy fitting by the average person, no cutting or drilling required, and they come with a three-year structural guarantee.


See you out on the water.

The YakHoist Kayak Loader is not a boat loader and will not load an aluminium boat.

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